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We Can Make it Better

When my brother and I were younger we did not get along. Not even a little bit. We were constantly bickering about pointless things. My brother is a bit of a hot head and does not take teasing well. This does not mesh well with my personality as I am constantly teasing the people I love. I would mercilessly pick on him. My brother never learned to take a tease and it led to many conflicts. To put it lightly we butted heads. After growing up this way almost as soon as I moved out of the house our relationship grew closer. Funny how that works.

One thing we we’re both interested in at different times in our lives was Legos. Some of the few times we got along really well were when we were playing with Legos. We would build castles and new sets together. I loved having a creative building buddy in the house as I was a Lego freak all my childhood. My brother enjoyed playing with them and my already large Legos. He was constantly trying to use the Lego figures I was partial to.

One of the times I came home a couple of years after I first moved out. I started working on a case for my raspberry pi built out of Legos. I had the Legos out in the living room and my brother and I spur of the moment started building this boat out of a couple different boats. We combined parts from three different boats to make a super boat. We got to a certain point that it could have been considered done. However we just didn’t stop. I’m not sure who said it first but one of us said “We can make it better.” and continued to add more stuff to it. We added a jail to the boat, a treasure area, a mast with a cannon on top, and a steering wheel. You can see a picture of it below.

lego ship

This went on for a while and made me realize that it is a vague metaphor for life. Changing it a little to “I can make it better” allows it to be applied infinitely to any situation. No matter what you do, you can always make it better. There is always something you can improve. It applies to your job, relationships, free time, and anything else you are involved in. After that exchange I have tried to live my life this way. I still sometimes say, “We can make it better” to my brother in random conversations as a sort of inside joke. He doesn’t know how meaningful it has become to me.